Photo on 2010-10-24 at 14.15
Photo on 2010-10-24 at 14.15


Wow, it’s been a while since the last one of these! Many gig/projects/essays/exams pile up, excuses, etc… I’ve been woodshedding masses of paradiddle variations over the last week or so, so some Bill Bruford seemed in order. The restless, lopsided kick drums in ‘nerve’ are just gorgeous. i stumbled over the bugge wesseltoft on a … Continue reading


Akupara – I.

I’m 5 sonnets into writing a cycle of 8 that will form a the basis of a performance for a group of year 4 children (aged 8/9). Here’s the first in the cycle (which is also reprised at the end) as a taster: Is there a whole world lain upon my shell, Or just the … Continue reading

sunny venice - just to the right of the accademia.

sunday playlist #2

a temporally thematic list this time… in the week that grammatics played their final show it seems only fitting that they should head up this spotify list. since i’m spending a fair amount of time with my new fretless bass strapped on, a bit of jaco at his finest is only right and proper (a … Continue reading


sunday playlist #1

Assuming I don’t forget┬áthis is the first of a series. I’ll be doing a weekly spotify playlist of new tunes and old stalwarts that have been keeping my head a’nodding. This first one has a moderate and unintended bias toward Big Scary Monsters artists – needless proof of Kev Douche’s taste I spose… go get … Continue reading


new our lost infantry photos

anyone living in the south east might have seen pictures of the heath fire at frensham ponds last weekend. if the fire itself was impressive, it was nothing compared to the bleak landscape left in its wake. we headed over to the pond on the way back from some drum recording to take photos and … Continue reading


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